Kids in Flowers for Fiori: what it was like. 2 days, 15 babies in Fiori – a gorgeous flower store. I saw this idea in a dream after Veronika told me, “Think of something with flowers”. And it came to me right away: babies – flowers. Flowers – like babies.

The youngest participant of the project is 28 days old. All baby models are gorgeous! And moms – Gee, THANK YOU, moms, for your patience and your stamina during the photo shoot. For having a 20-day-old baby lying in a bunch of flowers with 10 people running back and forth around it :)  And the mother is bravely helping us to fit the baby among the mimosas :)  Anya, thank you for a heroic ascend up the Shelkovichnaya street with your baby Svyat in a rucksac at 9 am. We even had pretty little girl Martha come to us from Odessa with her gorgeous hair – you will see her on the behind-the-scenes pictures. What can I say – yes, we got tired. But we are happy we did the “Flower Babies” project. Find our pictures on the pages of the Fiori Vista magazine!

The Photo report you may find in our LiveJournal.