If you are thinking about having a family photo shoot for the first time, you must have tons of questions for your photographer. We will try to answer the most popular questions about child photography:

1. How to order a child/ family photo session in Kiev?

We always plan the whole day of shooting beforehand and discuss with you he most suitable time for shooting your child. The most important thing is picking the right time : when the kid has just ate or slept, meaning the timing must be comfortable first and foremost for the child, and then  — convenient for everybody else. Choosing the right time for aphoto session is the ticket to having an easy and fun time during it.

2. Why am I waiting so long to get the pictures from my family photo session?

Retouching the photos takes a lot more time that the photo shoot itself. First, the pictures are being selected, then then undergo primary color correction, retouch, then  — artistic (detailed) retouch. Every phot shoot is being processed in chronologic order, according to the shooting dates. We do not set any photo shoots aside, delay them «for later», and don't give any priorities. We don't process photos on holidays or weekends. Our credois: we'd rather give a high-quality work we put life in, than submit low-quality hastily-done work. Thank you for understanding! 

3. Why do I only get the retouched photos, and not all shots from the family photo session?

Unprocessed picture is a raw, unfinished product. You don't come to a restaurant for a frozen pizza  — you want to eat a tasty, cooked, warm meal. The same applies to child photography. We return a finished work, and do all it takes to achieve a perfect and technically well-done product. Isn't our expertise and quality of work the things you expect to receive when you order from us? We think it's better to have 30 -50 beautiful pictures brought to perfection  — light- and colour -corrected, artistically retouched, — than a whole bunch of unprocessed trash-pictures, dark, same-looking, defective shots.

4. i am having a photo shoot for the first time. I have nothing to wear and don't know how to pose. What do i do?

You don't need to pose during a family photo shoot. The photographer's main job is to put you at ease, make the kids feel comfortable and forget about all the inner restraints.  That's the most important. Sure thing, regarding what to wear and how to prepare — we will help you with advice and tell you about a few tricks while we discuss the concept of the photo shoot.

5. Do you have a regular set of accessories / decorations / toys for a child or family photo shoot?

We have a very strong feeling regarding this: in 10 or 20 years, when your children will be looking through the family photo album, — the result of today's photo session, —  they will see the things from their own childhood. We want these things — and pictures — to be special for you. In our children's pictures you can only see the children's own toys, their clothes, wheir onezies, their own very first New Year's costume. Then, in 10 or 20 years your child will see him- or herself surrounded by their own dear things, and meybe they will go and find them in an old closet: «Look, mom, this is my old teddy bear, and where's that car I used to love so much!..»

Conveyer photo shooting — everyone with the same accesories and toys, in similar places and positions — it's not true. What kind of memories can your family have with borrowed things?

6.  Where should we better have a family or child photo shoot? At home or outdoors?

Without a doubt, every child, just like any adult, will find it more comfortable and easy to be photographed at home. Firstly, you have everything at hand. Secondly, a family photo shoot has to be sincere and natural, and you can only act naturally in a place you're used to.  It's always more comfortable and cozy at home. It may be your apartment, or a suburban summer house.. wherever you feel comfortable. But ther are cases when a family photo shoot is impossible at home — renovation, moving, an uncomfortable rented apartment etc. Then, of course, we will offer you a comfortable photo studio with decent daylight and some furniture. And if the weather is nice, when why not have a bright and fun child photo session outside? Choose a beautiful place where your kid can play around freely. At home or outdoors there are no constraints for a child to move around, run, hop and play. the photographer's job is to catch a shot, the mom and dad's job is to catch the kid. :) unfortunately, a studio has some restrictions — less space, less freedom, and kids don't always like that. Long story short, just call us — after a few clarifying questions, we will advice you the best option for youк family photo shoot.

7. Do I need to put makeup on for a pregnancy photo shoot?

If you are having a photo session in a studio, then it's best to invite a professional makeup artist. They will put on a natural-looking makeup, very subtle and almost invisible, if you wish, — but at the same time it will conceal imperefctions and emphasize your good features. Studio lightning has a tendency to accentuate any skin imperfections, which makes all little flaws on the skin very visible.

Too afraid to trust the makeup artist? During the time of our work, we haven't had a single client complain about our  artist's job. It's in ur best interest to invite a good professional makeup person — so as not to correct their mistakes afterwards during retouching.

8. Do I need makeup for a family photo session?

If you are having a family photo session at home or outdoors, then whether or not to put makeup on is a question of your personal comfort. If you are used to do your own makeup and are good at it, then you probably don't need a professional visagist. But if you are not sure about your capabilities, and no-makeup look is not good for you, then of course you should get a professional makeup. A makeup artist will put on you a very natural makeup which will make you look great, while in tune with your kids. On the pictures, professional makeup will seem almost invisible.

9. Why is it so expensive? I know a photographer who can do that five times cheaper.

Everybody has a choice. And the price is always a measure of quality and demand for a professional in his field. We don't give our clients raw unfinished photographs the next day after a photo shoot, we don't photograph in bunch and back-to-back. We're doing a high-quality product. It takes a lot of time, effort, requires special techniques and graphical skills for professional retouch of the photographs. We do it all with love, and we value the work and effort we put in our product. You can always choose a photographer five times cheaper. But a family photo session is an event you look forward to, prepare for in advance, chosing the time, the place, the clothes and makeup. And what a disappointment it is to receive a poor result afterwards. All the effort is in vain. We've been through that — one of us became a photographer after receiving poor quality, walk-through pictures after an important event in life — a wedding!

10. Do pictures after a child photo shoot requier retouch?

A professional camera «catches» every detail — both good and bad. The dark circles under eyes seem darker, pimples and scratches become very visible. Parents usually participate in a child's photo shoot, which means there's going to be a need to retouch the adults' skin. But these are all minor things opposed to the fact that the camera cannot make the picture as bright, contrast and colorful, as we can attain by professional enhancement.  Although a picture might look bright and colorful on a tiny camera display, on the computer screen, or on printed photos, all the flaws will be very visible. Hence, we always bring every photo to perfection, while keeping the natural features of a child's face.